This page covers my teaching: Supply Chain Investigations; University guest lectures on fashion or journalism; and InfoSec for Journalists and civil society

Supply Chain Investigations

I primarily teach this class through The Centre for Investigative Journalism, but I have taught an adapted (60-90 minute) version of it for journalism departments at Goldsmiths and Cardiff JOMEC. If you are interested in booking this class please contact me.

This two hour session will cover practicalities of supply-chain investigations, using case studies to guide participants through the process of tracking commodity flows through data and shipping records. It will look at verifying claims of unsafe or inhumane conditions through analysis of social media and interviewing unions and workers’ groups, as well as using platforms such as Panjiva to identify links between factories and larger corporations and brands that profit from them.

"It was easy for me to see how I could apply tools like the shipping database to a number of areas of work, and Tansy's presentational style was excellent." Supply Chain Investigations feedback 2023.

The training is designed to help researchers and journalists be as global as the corporate supply chains they are tracking – if necessary without leaving their desks. Using published investigations as examples, this session takes participants step-by-step through how to run a supply chain investigation. It covers training in how to find stories, gather evidence and carefully use multiple databases to locate hidden information and prove wrongdoing. It also covers questions around legal issues, worker safety, and cross border collaboration.

Guest lectures - Universities, colleges, schools, conferences, museums.

'We really appreciated your visit, getting the students thinking outside of their comfort zone/pushing boundaries is so important! The students were amazed by your talk and exchanged so many ideas after you left.'
The conference was so inspiring and you are a fantastic speaker – your contribution really changed and lifted the dynamic in the room and I could see people start to ‘engage’ more with how you invited them to think and contribute so thank you!
I just had a viva with a student who said she is reconsidering her entire career aspirations after hearing your presentation last month. Please accept my apologies for writing out of the blue; I just thought I let you know that you have changed the life of a future journalist. Hearing her talk about it warmed my heart.

I am an award winning journalist and author of three books on the textile, clothing, and footwear industry. I can provide an insightful introduction or an academic deep dive into issues like labour rights, environmental sustainability, supply chain journalism, consumerism, and fashion ethics. I can tailor lectures to your course requirements and I am happy doing online lectures.

I have lectured across Europe, including at London College of Fashion, Norwich University Of The Arts, Cardiff JOMEC, Kings University, Central St Martins, and Richmond University. I don't offer university lectures for free, but my rates are reasonable. If you are interested in discussing a booking please contact me.

Here are some examples of my recent lectures:

  • Fashion Disasters and Fashion Resistance for the Polyphonic Fashions course, Fashion History & Theory (Year 2) at Central St Martins. Includes pre & post class materials
  • Identifying Absences In Fashion History & Theory also for the Polyphonic Fashions course at Central St Martins. Includes pre & post class materials
  • Fashion and Ethics - Year 1 'Philosophy of Ethics in Research' module for BSc (Hons) Psychology of Fashion at London College of Fashion
  • Sustainability and the Shoe Industry - King Edward VI High School for Girls, Birmingham
  • Fashion And The Need For Discomfort BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion, Norwich University Of The Arts (NUA)
  • Small group sessions - meeting with Year 3 students to consult on their final projects BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion, Norwich University Of The Arts (NUA)

Student Testimonials:

'I just wanted to say thank you so much. That talk and presentation was so amazing and inspiring, and I admire so so much what you do!'
'Thanks so much for speaking to us, I really enjoyed hearing what you have been working on!'

Basic InfoSec for Journalists and Civil Society

This is a two hour class that I co-developed and co-taught through The Centre for Investigative Journalism's Source Protection Programme. I am passionate about Source Protection and consider solid InfoSec practices as essential for journalists and anyone working in the increasingly authoritarian garment industry.

This two hour class is designed to be a basic introduction to information security. It helps people to understand what InfoSec is, why it matters and the risks of using digital technologies. It introduces basic strategies and tools to improve your security and the security of people you communicate with. It includes safer web browsing; end to end encrypted communications; passphrase management; metadata and anonymity. This introductory class goes up to the level of VeraCrypt and OnionShare.

I can be booked to teach this class independently - and I will happily discuss options for free courses for Global South worker rights organisations, plus LGBTQ* or activist groups with small/no budget.